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Success Stories

"Before working with Eric, I had terrible night sweats and hot flashes. My pajamas would be drenched with sweat!

Since working with Eric, my night sweats and hot flashes have stopped. My quality of sleep is much better, which means I function more effectively during the day."


"I suffered frequent migraines.  I got them at least on a weekly basis.  I was sick of taking so much medication and losing whole days to recover from a migraine.  I haven't had a migraine in three weeks now.  I haven't even gotten tension or regular headaches.  I'm excited at the prospect of being migraine free and doing it the natural way."



"I was experiencing shoulder pain and ankle swelling before I came for acupuncture.  My shoulder pain has decreased significantly and my ankle swelling has improved also."



"I was experiencing lots of pain in daily movement, bending and stretching, rolling over and picking things up.  The pain level is much lower, daily activities are much easier and I'm having to compensate much less."



"I was having problems with excessive heart palpitations, sinus problems, thyroid issues, intestinal problems and nervous system not functioning properly.  After being on the program for about six weeks, changing my diet and more importantly taking the cleansers and supplements, I feel nearly one hundred percent better.  I am grateful for having a caring person in Eric for helping me to get healthier."


"I was having pain every day and was unable to sleep at night because of pain in my hip.  As a result, my energy level was low and it was affecting my ability to do the things I enjoy in life.  It is now much improved.  The pain has diminished significantly.  I am able to sleep through the night without being awakened by pain and my energy level has improved!


“I have been wanting to write a review for a while and figure it’s about time.  This is coming from a total skeptic.  When I first went a few months ago, I didn’t expect much.  Well, the results told me something completely different.  I went for several reasons – anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more….  Since going to Eric my doctor has cut my medication in half and I have never felt better or more relaxed.  On a recent trip home to visit my family, they couldn’t quit saying I was like a new person.  He is a master and his personality and the cleanliness of his office make me beyond comfortable and I look forward to my weekly visit.  I would recommend to anyone thinking of trying acupuncture to give Eric a try… pain free and great results.  Thanks Eric, it’s been life changing!!”


“When a prolonged bout of digestive problems began several years ago, my doctor told me it was irritable bowel syndrome.  I thought this was going to be the norm for the rest of my life.  Then a couple of friends told me about Eric.  After meeting with him, my life has changed for the better.  Through acupuncture and herbal remedies, I no longer have any digestive problems.  By asking me questions about my ailments, by being very careful and methodical, and by being informative, I am doing and feeling much better.  Now we’re working on stress and I’m seeing changes every day.”



“I was referred to Eric by another person who also had great success working with him.  I had considerable stomach distress when I found Eric due to a lifetime of not eating well.  I made the necessary changes on my part and saw him once a week, and in a matter of months my pain was gone.  The fact that I saw gradual improvement until it all but disappeared is fabulous!  Eric is kind, gentle, and affordable and he listens and genuinely cares.  I am now working on my next chronic problem assured that this too will be resolved.  Thank you Eric.”


“I suffered from chronic back pain and tried acupuncture.  I am truly amazed with the fantastic results I’ve felt in only a few treatments.  I recommend it highly and Eric is excellent as far as helping me through my sessions.  Nothing short of a miracle.”

                                                            -R. P.


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