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Enjoy Vibrant Health with Nutrition and Acupuncture

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Are you struggling with a health issue or feel you just aren't as energetic and vibrant as you would like to feel? Do you wish you could have the vitality and stamina you know is possible for you? Are you tired of the pharmaceutical approach that involves medications that you really aren't thrilled about taking?

I have good news for you because there are safe, effective, natural therapies you can employ that can turn your health in the right direction. Nutrition is the foundation of good health. Without the correct nutrients our bodies need to function optimally, we don't stand much of a chance to live a life free of illness and disease. These nutrients can be found in foods we eat, but unfortunately many people don't eat the types of foods that promote health and wellness. Another unfortunate fact is that our soil has been depleted of nutrients for years due to modern industrialized farming, and the amount of vitamins and minerals in our foods today is significantly less than decades ago. When you add to that the amount of pesticides, herbicides, other man-made chemicals and genetically modified ingredients, it becomes a recipe for disaster for our health.

Our poor food supply is a major reason for the levels of chronic disease we are currently facing. Eating fresh, organic foods is certainly a step in the right direction, but even in that case taking the right whole food supplements and herbal remedies can be the missing link to recovering fully optimal health. I practice a unique form of clinical nutrition called Nutrition Response Testing that assesses the body to discover the root cause of people's health problems. When the cause is addressed with the appropriate nutritional remedies, the body is able to recover and function to its full capacity as it is designed to do.

Good communication of nerves throughout the body and smooth, uninhibited flow of oxygenated blood is another key component of exceptional health. Without nerves sending electrical signals correctly to various parts of the body, the body is not able to carry out its important functions effectively. Without blood circulating through the vessels in an unrestricted manner, the organs, glands and other tissues don't receive the nourishment they need. Blood carries many vital substances that need to be delivered to all parts of the body. These substances include oxygen, nutrients from our food, hormones, natural pain killers, and immune cells. If an area doesn't receive enough blood flow it will become diseased and cells will begin to die.

Acupuncture is an excellent way of both improving communication of nerves and enhancing blood flow throughout the body. It allows nerves to increase their signal strength and opens up the blood vessels so blood can flow more easily and with less interference. Make nutrition and acupuncture a part of your health care program today. Not only will you feel better, have more energy and prevent chronic health problems from developing in the future, but you will also save money in the long run on healthcare expenses. Call our office today to schedule an initial consultation. You will receive an assessment of your health and be able to discuss what can be done to get your health to an optimum state.

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