Welcome to Natural Health Renewal in Oak Park, IL!  Improving the lives of families and individuals in our community through safe, natural and effective healthcare is our mission and purpose. We are here to help you with whatever chronic health issue has brought you to our site.  


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"Chronic illness is almost always due to nutritional deficiencies and internal toxicities.  We can address both of these causes and help restore your health when conventional medicine is not providing satisfactory results."

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Would you like to live a life of vibrant health, where you aren't restricted by pain, emotional stress and fatigue?  A life where your body enables you to live the enjoyable lifestyle you deserve?

Through our holistic health restoration program, we help you achieve this goal so you can reach your maximum potential in life.
The first step to improving your health is to make an appointment for an initial consultation with Eric.  This includes all the testing to determine what are the underlying causes of your symptoms and health challenges.  Then an individualized wellness 
program is created to help you recover great health and quality of life! 
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